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Random thoughts and meanings:


“Spiritual Landscape” is to be seen both literally and metaphorically. It both refers to the built landscape that has been shaped by spiritual concerns, producing an environment that has assisted or lent support to the spiritual endeavor, and a reference to the natural environment itself.

The spiritual forms made manifest by the various world cultures throughout history are particularly interesting as these forms carry great symbolic and archetypal meanings over and above their use for shelter and protection. Indeed many of these manifestations have nothing to do with shelter, being constructed as solid masses in the landscape, symbols of our inner spiritual consciousness. These are familiar to us; from the Egyptian pyramids to the pyramidal temples of Meso-America; from the megaliths and burial mounds of prehistoric cultures to the Hindu temples and stupas of Buddhist cultures.



I am an architect, I create space, built objects, and place in the world. I suppose this informs my making of photographic images; they also celebrate space, built objects, and place in the world.

For me both ways of engaging the world are inseparable and both form a relationship to the world that has great creative meaning for me. Architecture and photography result from the use and celebration of materiality, space, and light.

Trained as an architect, but having had a Leica camera come into my life during my first year in architecture school, looking at the world through a view finder helped me see the world more holistically. Seeing nature, building, and how we dwell in the world was and still is an ongoing creative evolution.

Born, raised, and educated in London, I moved to Boston to work as an architect. I have concurrently traveled widely, exploring and documenting the natural and the built landscape.